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Oberliht association – presentation for international volunteers (and not only) in Moldova

Thursday, 10th of February, 6pm
National Library (31 August 1989 str., Nr. 78-A)

Oberliht Association invites you at a meeting where you could find out more about its projects and activities.

If you just arrived in Chisinau and in Moldova or even if you’re here for a while and you would like to participate or just know more about the alternative cultural life of Chisinau, Oberliht can help you with that! If you want to help us to promote youth culture and contemporary art scene in Moldova, come and join our community! May be you would like to organize an event or share your cultural experience – don’t hesitate to write to us to this email:

The presentation will be divided in three parts:

CHIOSC project

First we will talk about the CHIOSC project which is going on for almost one year now.
The Chiosc project is cultural info-point and a public platform for participation. It aims to promote youth culture and contemporary art in public space. It aims to encourage active participation and diverse social groups representing often marginalized or less visible domains by putting at their disposal a public platform for manifestation, to strengthen local and develop regional and international network of cultural operators and professionals.
It is also connected to the only arts and culture mailing list from Moldova called [Oberlist]: – it represents an electronic free of charge service that is offered to artists, curators, cultural workers, managers and activists, policy makers, art lovers etc. from both Eastern and Western Europe but also Black Sea and other regions in the world thus establishing premises for future cooperation in Europe.


Postbox magazine is a new interdisciplinary and experimental publication that aims to reflects the young artist’s and writer’s work and activity.
It is founded on the principle of sharing of valuable knowledge and experiences so much needed today for formation of a critical discourse inside of a corrupted system in expansion.
The POSTBOX magazine encourages communication between artists, writers, musicians, architects etc. but also sociologists, historians and other various groups, emphasizing the important role that art & culture, as ‘active ingredient’, has in a multicultural society in a globalized world.
It is not just a printed publication, but real time event generator aiming to produce significant changes in society.


The third part of this presentation will be a screening of a documentary about a contemporary art project which took place in 2008 and consisted in a series of artistic interventions in public space in Chisinau and in Moldova.

In an epoch of unification marked by globalism and the neo-liberal economic relations, as well as consumption that changes the landscape of our everyday lives and makes it more structured, organized and controlled, when the rules of the game are more and more restricted, identities and stereotypes become fundamental, the art world is institutionalized and instrumentalized, it becomes less and less possible to identify available spaces for innovative, creative and experimental activity.
That’s why one of the ways that is left is to intervene into the already organized society in which we live or, may be, to escape into the void?

Of course it will also be a pleasure for us to answer all your questions!

Hope to see you all on Thursday!

Oberliht Association
Gh. Asachi Str., 53/1, lit. “A”
Chisinau 2028, Republica Moldova
+(373 22) 286317
email: vladimir(a)

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